Sunday, October 02, 2011

D&D Project

ELF ZOMBIE! Pure brilliance!! This is a commissioned piece for a Dungeons & Dragons article. It's called The Unslakeable. She has been using dark magic and evidently it's bad for her complexion; it makes her skin melt away.

If you think about it, there are some similarities between elves and zombies. Elves are immortal. Zombies can't die because they're already dead. Also, both are overrepresented at Comic Con.

Anyway, we can't always have this kind of hybrid fantasy creature, so I need to know....zombies or elves? Which is cooler?

You can read the article here.


Mark Fullerton said...

Honestly, if I had to go on a date with one or the other--I'd go with the female zombie. Zombies rock!

Locusta said...

Yep, they do rock. Great concept. Love it!

Ryan said...

bah! this is a feast for the eyes. love your stuff dude your paintings are beautiful.

Adrian Lubbers said...

Very, very cool. Beautiful colors.

Yuli Fernández said...

Very good work! I love your work.
I want to see a video tutorial with your work environment painter

chibiaion said...

Huh, that makes my brain work a little. Either zombies or elves they both rock in every way. :D
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